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Inspired by one beautiful model who said, "I think we need to make a public website or maybe LJ for alternaporn models. Something similar to this forum, but accessible to anyone, in order for models to post about good and bad experiences they have with people."

This journal was created for [but is not restricted to] just that. It is open to anyone modelling for an alternative-type pin-up, or pr0n site. We also accept fetish and alternative models who do not do internet work, as long as it is relevant to the community.

If you would like to join this community, please click on the 'join this community' link. A request to join will be sent to one of the moderators, who will follow up by doing a background check through your journal. You will be contacted should we have any questions about your work. Please feel free to e-mail the moderator with a brief description of your modeling history (this will speed up approval.).

This community is a safe place for models to express their feelings, opinions, and experiences in the alt-porn industry. You are perfectly welcome to disagree, but you are not welcome to flame. Rudeness or drama will not be tolerated here.

Ground rules (which are subject to change at any time) are as follows:

  • Everyone in this community should feel safe to express their opinions openly and freely, as long as those opinions are justified (ie, say why you think that) and are not attacks on other community members.

  • Anything which is said in this community is kept in this community, unless the author has given explicit permission to be quoted or summarized. If we find out of cases of a community member relaying conversations from this community to someone outside of the community, then that member will be banned.

  • Personal problems among models will not be tolerated here. This is a forum for us to exchange professional information about the industry. If you have a personal issue with another model, this is not the place to express it.

  • Flaming and rudeness will not be tolerated. If someone says something like, "you're a stupid slut," then they will be banned from the community with no questions asked. I don't care what the circumstances are, being blatantly rude and mean won't be accepted. What's more likely to happen is some borderline issue where feelings are hurt but the intention of the comment isn't clear. In cases such as this, the issue will be discussed between moderators and the people involved in order to decide how to handle it. It is most likely that apologies, clarification of intent, and/or deletion of offending posts will suffice. If you have a problem with a post, please notify me (luxnightmare (at) livejournal.com) explaining your problem and provide links.

  • While we welcome the sharing of both good and bad experiences, this is not a place to advertise a site. It is okay to mention if someone you have had a good experience with is looking for models, but it is not okay to be constantly recruiting. It is especially not okay to be doing this if you are the owner of the site, or a paid employee of the site. If you are being paid to promote, this is not the place to do it.

  • This community is NOT designed for posting and sharing pictures. Posting pictures is okay if they are relevant to the topic of the post, but this is not a place to post all your pictures and get feedback. There are PLENTY of other communities out there for that.

  • Please keep posts on topic. You have your own journal and other communities for talking about unrelated things going on in your life.

Please contact the maintainers if you have questions, problems, or wish to join. If you do not agree with the rules listed above, go away.